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Du Qian

Ph.D in Cultural Heritage, Politecnico di Torino, Italy Architectural heritage preservation, archaeological site conservation, H-GIS
Name of Research Group:International Research Center for Architectural Heritage Conservation Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Description of Research Group:IRCAHC was established in 2013, led by Professor Cao Yongkang, a leading figure in the field of heritage conservation in China. IRCAHC is a production-university-research team engaged in the architectural heritage by combining multidisciplinary experts and institutions at home and abroad.
It is mainly to carry out the decay detection of architectural heritage, building protection and restoration technology, data management and analysis and other scientific research work, meanwhile education and public communication activities, to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements. We have undertaken over 300 projects for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, millions of square meters of survey and mapping of historic buildings, over 30 important academic research projects, and built a technical laboratory for the protection of architectural heritage, formed a research platform for the architectural heritage with advanced conservation experience, technology and management capabilities.
IRCAHC is committed to becoming the best team in the field of domestic heritage conservation, and to building a "gene bank" and "case bank" of timber structure architectural heritage.On this basis, the big data system of cultural relics in Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta region will be built, and the ecological system of architectural heritage conservation with demonstration function will be established, so as to preserve the cultural carrier of historical memory for the country and the nation.