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2018.9  to  Now
上海交通大学航空航天学院  |  长聘教轨副教授
2018.12  to  Now
Imperial College London  |  Department of Aeronautics  |  Honorary Research Fellow
2012.10  to  2018.8
Imperial College London  |  Department of Mathematics & Department of Aeronautics  |  副研究员
2010.3  to  2012.5
Sorbonne Université  |  Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert

Applied & Computational Mathematics: high-precision numerical computations and its applications in complex flows
Fluid Mechanics: Hydrodynamic instabilities, Laminar-turbulent transition, asymptotic theories in flows, aeroacoustics, turbulence.

2020.7  to  Now

Research Group

Name of Research Group:Complex Fluids & Scientific Computing

Description of Research Group:The research group is committed to developing advanced scientific computing methods to study complex flow phenomena and interdisciplinary problems. The research team has extensive cooperation with scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines. The research topics are driven by industrial applications, involving important industrial applications in the fields of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. The research group has a wide range of international exchanges and foundations, and enjoys new challenges and cooperation.