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Pengsheng Chiu
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    Chinese History
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    I have been influenced especially by economic anthropology and the new institutional economic history; these approaches shape my primary research focus on commercial law and market evolution in Ming-Qing China (1368–1911).  My latest work concentrates on the evolution of knowledge and worldview as seen against the economic and legal changes of sixteenth- to nineteenth-century China. I am currently writing a book that examines the interaction of material life and legal norms in an upper Yangzi River city, Chongqing, on the eve of the mid-nineteenth century. My webpage may be found at

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    [1] 明清中國制度經濟史、法制史、早期全球化史
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    [1]  1985.9- 1989.6
    台灣大學 | 中国史 | 硕士研究生毕业 | 历史学硕士
    [2]  1981.9- 1985.6
    台灣大學 | 中国史 | 大学本科毕业 | 历史学学士
    [3]  1989.9- 1995.6
    台灣大學 | 中国史 | 博士研究生毕业 | 历史学博士
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